Are you ready?

MacREU R'side is an opportunity for undergraduate students from predominantly Community Colleges and  4-year Colleges to gain first-hand experience in research related to the growth and characterization of thin solid films, as they are used microelectronics, chemical catalysis and energy storage.

Our primary target are students from Southern California, who completed at least the equivalent of one year of full-time undergraduate studies in any physical sciences or engineering discipline. MacREU R'side is funded by the National Science Foundation in an effort to recruit more individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds toward a pathway that ultimately leads to graduate studies in science or engineering.

Applicants must be US citizen or legal permanent residents (or equivalent). If invited to MacREU R'side, you need to provide us your social security number.

MacREU R'side provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself during the summer  in research on thin film growth. You will work alongside faculty, graduate students, postdocs and other undergraduate students in research labs at UCR. You will work long hours; your ingenuity and perseverance will be the only limit to your success. This is a full time and beyond opportunity. It is also a great opportunity to check out, whether science and engineering is the right thing for you in your future career.

Did you always want to develop something new, but never had the opportunity to focus full time on it? MacREU provides stipend, a lab, and support during the summer.  Here is your opportunity!

Besides working, discovering and inventing in labs, MacREU R'side participants receive Professionalization training geared toward a graduate school application.  Weekly seminars provide guidance, inspiration, awareness of ethics, and access to a network of more than 100 MacREU alumni, who are now successful in their careers. 

MacREU R'Side students commute to UCR for less than 30 minutes. If you live further away, we provide housing on or near campus at no costs to you.