MacREU students will receive a range of targeted instruction

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  • Professional Development
    Professional Development



    Professional development encompasses many skills that are not taught in any college class. Our training will, in particular, address presentation skills (written and oral), library/literature/web research using a range of different databases (many of which are not freely available), ethics and the societal role of science and engineering, and admission to graduate school.



  • Thin Film Characterization and Device Fabrication



    Students will receive training in electron microscopy, semiconductor processing and fundamental chemical analysis of thin films. This training will proceed in both classroom and hands-on fashion by the supervisors of UCR’s Center for Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis, Center for Nanoscience & -Engineering and Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation Facility


  • Laboratory Health and Safety
    EH&S Building


    Safety instruction will start out with an online training program tailored to the requirements and structures of UCR, which all participants have to complete within 3 weeks after receiving acceptance to the program. In the first week of MacREU, participants will receive hands-on training in safe laboratory practices.



In addition to  the MacREU curriculum, participants will also develop a presentation of their research subject and experience to be presented at at an extramural conference of their choice. MacREU hires a videographer each year to shoot the kind of videos you can see in the alumni section. Each student receives one to showcase the accomplishments. 

MacREU alumni participate in recruiting next year's cohort. During the academic year following the completion of the MacREU program, we will ask MacREU alumni to present their experience at their home institutions encouraging their peers to apply for the program the next year. This provides the alumni leadership experience excellent for their CV. It also helps MacREU reach students who may otherwise not consider applying.