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MacREU R'side is an NSF-funded project that provides research opportunities for undergraduate students from Community  and 4-year colleges as well as research universities each summer at UC Riverside. All research projects are related to the growth, characterization, and application of thin films or monolayer materials. Students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds in the physical sciences or engineering are welcome. Research opportunities can be found in UCR's Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Chemical Engineering Departments, i.e., everywhere in our Materials Science and Engineering program. You can find some representative research projects by clicking on the link at the top or by checking out the videos of past alumni. Each research project is tailored to the applicant and the evolving ongoing research in the various labs at UCR. While we offer a broad variety of research fields, keep in mind that this is NOT a pre-med program and the majority of the admitted applicants will work on projects outside the biomed arena. 

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As a MacREU participant, you will work in a research lab at UCR alongside graduate students and faculty. You will be assigned a project within the overall scope of the research field of the research group you join - and you will be responsible for forwarding it. Do not be concerned about your level of knowledge or instruction in any one field so far. You will be trained in what is required to pursue your research goals. All you need is motivation and commitment.

The MacREU experience is valuable for careers in a wide area of fields from catalytic chemistry, semiconductor processing to solar cell manufacturing. In particular, students will learn skills for admission to and success in graduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering, and related disciplines. Have a look at the previous MacREU cohorts and their achievements!




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MacREU R'Side intends to attract predominantly students from Southern California. The Riverside/San Bernardino Metro area is the US metro area with the smallest fraction of residents with college degrees. Inland Southern California is home to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and this REU site seeks to improve the integration of individuals from all kind of backgrounds into high-tech, engineering-type careers and the graduate studies required to attain them. To this end, MacREU supplements research experience with a broad professional development curriculum. The demographics of MacREU participants is shown in the graphics. 


MacREU graduates are expected to and supported in reaching out to their peers at their colleges encouraging them to consider science, technology or engineering graduate studies. The ten-week summer research experience is only a start in their journey into research, science, engineering, and outreach to promote its importance as well as the opportunities it holds.


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$5,500 total for 9 weeks

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Questions? Please contact us at bartels@ucr.edu; Please use a subject line saying "MacREU"