How to apply?

Some remarks on the application first:


Your application will include up to three letters of recommendation (one or two may be sufficient). The more the recommender knows about you, the more helpful their letter will be for us in evaluating your application.

We may contact a faculty or administrator from your college about you. And we will share with that person the information you provided about you.  If you apply from a Southern California college, we likely have a contact at your college already. If not, we may contact the authors of your letters of recommendation.

We will need to know your grades. The application will ask for a pdf or jpg file. You can scan your transcript and upload that scan. You can get your transcript from your college's website and print it into a pdf file and then upload it to us. You can take a screenshot showing your transcript. You can make a photo showing your transcript. Just make sure, that all is in one file only. Also note, that grades are only one factor in determining your admission. There is no grade cut-off.

We will ask for demographic information in the application. They will not determine your admission. But they will help us document to NSF who applied (in a summary manner) and, thus, help us maintain NSF support for this project. Please provide them!

We will ask some essay questions in the application. About your background, about your experience, about a hardship you overcame, about your inspiration to do research. Please write a long paragraph or up to a page each. 

If you make it on the shortlist, we will want interview you. We will contact you a few days in advance. Interviews take 10 minutes and give you an opportunity to present your motivation and drive to participate in MacREU.

Please also have a look at the list of faculty hosts at UCR. Let us know, with whom you prefer to work with (an ordered list of up to three). The list is NOT complete. Each year  new faculty join the group of hosts and established ones may have no room in their lab. Your choice among the listed one can still help us gauge your interest and serve as a starting point for the interview. Please look through the list of sample research projects to give us an idea. 

The Application:

So how to get to the application?

The application is a Google form. The form and your answer are stored on the UC Riverside Google platform, and not on a personal account. It is as secure as most other web applications of UCR. It requires that you sign in with a Google email address; any Google email address works. The email addresses of most colleges are hosted by Google. So try your school email address, or any other email you prefer. You can find the application link in the menu at the top.